FOR BETTER AND WORSE by Margot Hunt ~ My Review

3.75 stars
This was an entertaining thriller but nothing that will stay with me. Nat and Will take matters into their own hands when the unfathomable happens to their son. They are at odds on what their course of action should be. Nat wants REVENGE while Will thinks the system should handle it. How far would you go? Do you trust our judicial system? Are you a revenge kind of person?

The premise her was intriguing but fell a little flat and Nat and Will discussed most of this the first chapter and therefore it was easy to predict. I did connect with Nat more than Will as a main character and could relate to all her emotions. Will was so-so to begin with and then you throw in the affair and he just becomes not so likable.

Overall it was pretty good, a fast read with a writing style that flowed nicely.

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